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Cardlock Services

AgCom Petroleum Sales offers fuel cards that will allow fueling at any of our conveniently located sites in Southern Alberta. We also have the ability to set up your cards for Provincial or National use. This allows your company to work directly with local staff to ensure the highest level of billing accuracy and addressing your needs. Availability of sites is 24hrs a day / 7 days a week. The staff at AgCom Petroleum Sales Ltd. all take great pride in providing excellent customer service backed up by Petro-Canada's high quality standards and guarantees.

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The SUPERPASS card is accepted at over 200 Petro-Pass locations. Use your SuperPass card across Canada and the U.S. 24 hrs./day, 365 days/year.Petro-Pass services are available at select AgCom Petrolem Sales Ltd. sites. Please check location tab for additional information.

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Petro-Pass Locations

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Fuel Delivery

Our fleet of modern trucks are available for all of your bulk fuel and lubrication requirements. Delivery can be on an as needed basis or scheduled dates.We can deliver your marked or unmarked bulk fuels where required.